MICSMART™‐R (T) is an engineered natural mineral based family of products which are chemically and mechanically activated and coated with Stearic acid. The materials are of extremely high quality, manufactured in their State-of-the-Art factory which show superior specification and are offered with tight particle distribution curves to meet polymer based industry requirements and enhance finished product specifications.

Typical Applications:

MICSMART™‐R (T) is used in many industries to fully or partially replace conventional fillers and additives giving safety and environmental benefits, real-world cost savings and quality improvements. It is used in many polymer industry applications including polyolefin processing such as polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) as well as polyvinylchloride (PVC) where it replaces conventional fillers & fire retardant materials.

MICSMART™-R (T) Benefits:

• Reduced smoke production and improved flame retardancy
• Wide application base for thermoplastic compounds (PVC, PP, PE, HDPE, EPDM, EVA and CP rubbers)
• Intumescent properties
• Halogen free
• Improved processability
• Improved mechanical properties
• Improved U.V stability
• Improved shear resistance
• Decreased water absorption
• Improved thermal insulation

MICSMART™‐R (S) is a version specifically designed and engineered for use in polyurethane foams and other elastomers with silane surface treatment.

MANASEER CALCIUM CARBONATE ultra-high-quality calcium carbonate which offers the very best in performance, and offers the following advantages:

• Produces a high flexible white product
• Optimised drying speed
• Enhancement of the final aesthetic appearance of the finished product
• Increased durability and resistance
• Increased extruders shelf life

Decreased production cost, through reduction in amounts used in the pipes and fittings industries it improves the mechanical and optical properties such as reducing shrinkage, increasing toughness and tensile strength and improving the colour of white pipes. It can also significantly reduce production costs. Using Manaseer Calcium Carbonate also allows the optimization of stearic acid and other oils.

Using Manaseer Calcium Carbonate allows polymers to heat and cool faster due to improved homogeneity of the melt resulting in higher productivity, as well as enhancing the physical properties such as hardness, stiffness, and impact strength, it can also greatly reduce the production costs.

Ex-works prices are as low as £50 for a 40Kg bag.

Source: British Plastics Federation