Promat UK has developed, a new load-bearing walk on floor system combining a structural glass floor with either EI30 or EI60 glass to provide insulation and integrity fire protection between floors of either 30 or 60 minutes.

The system features a double glazed Systemglas unit, which typically features a 37mm toughened, laminated top layer and a 16mm bottom layer, mounted within a steel frame, complete with spacer bars and all the required insulating materials such as silicones and seals.

It is available in non-slip glazing as well as patterned and obscure glass options.

Systemglas Stratum has been independently tested to perform as promised with the added assurance of the Promat Systemglas 360 Degree Wheel of Assurance, meaning Promat UK will provide guidance from specification through to installation.

A certificate of conformity is issued on completion following an inspection by a Promat fire safety expert for maximum supply chain traceability.

Cath McLean, Segment Manager – Glass, said: “Systemglas Stratum responds to the growing demand for walk-on glass floors, not only in commercial and public buildings, but increasingly within high-end residential properties. The system offers the scope to integrate a glass floor into a design where passive fire protection measures are needed, both to enable building occupiers to escape safely and to prevent major damage to assets in the event of a fire.”

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Source: PROMAT